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Shared RSS Syndication Feeds

Syndication for Every Website

This is a simple site that performs a very powerful function ... it brings the benefits of RSS syndication to everyone who publishes a website.

We have Shared RSS for those who add new material too infrequently to warrant having their own RSS feed. It is totally free. Entries can be made using a simple form on this site, or by our new Quick Entry method for the easiest RSS feed possible. We also have Private Feed RSS syndication (for a small monthly fee) for those who need their own feed, dedicated just to their own website. Combining our Private Feed with our Quick Entry can make RSS feed upkeep and maintenance totally painless!

Shared RSS can benefit publishers if:

  • You publish your own website, in English
  • You do not already have RSS syndication
  • You add new original content to your site

This site can benefit web users if:

  • You want to keep informed on the latest additions to participating websites
  • You want the newest information on particular topics
  • You want to be able to read RSS feeds from any site on-line

RSS is not just for BLOGS anymore! Because most blogs get updated daily, they were among the first to embrace RSS syndication to make their material more widely available. Most blog readers view the contents of several blogs, but that can take time. With RSS users are able to view the title and a short description of the latest posts to their favorite blog, to see if there is something worth taking the time to read in its entirety.

RSS is not just for News Publishers anymore! The big media news publishers were close on the heels of bloggers in adopting this new technology. Breaking news was not appearing in most search engine results (before Google introduced their News section), so RSS provided the ideal means of spreading the word about current stories.

Now RSS is for you too! Over the past year or two, business websites have begun to adopt RSS technology to distribute newsletters that used to be delivered by email (ever more prone to disruption from SPAM filters), scientists have begun exchanging breaking research reports, educational sites are sharing the latest resources with their readers, and more and more websites that see frequent updates to their material are using RSS to let their readers know what's new. Now with Shared RSS YOU can have your material included in appropriate RSS feeds FREE OF CHARGE -- even if you only add new resources occasionally.

The process is simple:

  1. Join (it is FREE)
  2. Enter new articles, reports, resources in a simple form on this site:
    • Select from over 6,000 categories
    • Enter the title and address (URL) of your web page
    • (optional, but encouraged) Enter a short description of the page
    • (optional) Enter the author's name, date page expires (if any)
    or use our Quick Entry Form for even easier submissions!
  3. Your article is added to an RSS syndication feed the moment you complete the form!
  4. Let visitors to your website know they can find the latest updates to your site on RSS by adding the little linked XML logo to your site (the exact link code is displayed when you submit the form):

Or if you publish new material frequently, you may want your own Private Feed. For a small monthly fee we will enable you to add your own personal newsfeed to this site, with almost no effort at all. Using our Quick Entry format you can submit new feeds just by entering the URL into a form on your own computer!

We also maintain an RSS Feeds Directory for links to feeds from this and other websites, organized in the same categorical heirarchy as our own Shared RSS feeds. If your site already has it's own feed, submit it for inclusion in our Directory by using the form on your Control Panel.


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