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What Is A Private Feed?
Shared RSS was started to provide shared RSS feeds, topically organized information submitted from any website. Some people, however, need their own RSS feed, what we call a 'Private Feed' on this site. If you are sufficiently tech-savvy and want to go to the bother, you can have an RSS feed on your own website. There are programs available to let you produce and publish your feed, or you may prefer to use this site's Private Feed service, which aims to make the process as simple as possible.

Who Needs Private Feeds?
Anyone can have a prive RSS feed, but you need to look at it from your reader's perspective. People tend to ignore feeds if they are not updated fairly frequently. Shared RSS, by aggregating items from different sites into a shared feed, helps provide for more frequent updates, even for sites that rarely add new material. But if you add new pages to your site frequenly, you can have your own feed (such as our Private Feed and readers will not become bored with it. If you consistently add new material at least once a week or more often, we recommend you have your own feed. Montly updates are a 'borderline' situation, you could have your own feed or use a shared feed. If you don't add new material at least once a month, we recommend you use the shared feeds.

Are Users Required To Update Frequently?
The guidelines listed above are our opinion - not rules. You can use a shared feed and update more than once per day if you want, or you can get a private feed and only update it once a year, it is up to you. But from the user's viewpoint, our guidelines provide for feeds that have the best chance of gaining widespread readership. And that's really the goal for any RSS feed isn't it?

Can I Use Quick Entry With A Private Feed?
Yes, our Quick Entry process is totally compatible with our Private Feed service. In fact, we recommend that you use a personalized Quick Entry form to enter items in your Private Feed, as it is the easiest and quickest way to update your RSS feed. If you are using a personalized Quick Entry form with a free shared feed now, you just need to generate a new form from your Control Panel when you sign up for a Private Feed.

What Does A Private Feed Cost?
Just $5 per month, or even less if you select longer-term payments.

How Do I Sign-Up?
Join SharedRSS at the free level, and you will find a link on your Control Panel (the first page you see whenever you sign-in) to subscribe to our Private Feed service.


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