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Selecting Categories when Submitting to Shared RSS

We use the upper level categories from the Open Directory ( to form the basis of our categorization. Because the directory is heirarchical, you can usually substitute the lowest category in our list for the more specific categories in

If you do not know what category to put a new resource listing in, try going to DMOZ and use their search box to look for the key terms describing your material.

For example:

You publish an article on the Annual Art Fair in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Unsure of how to categorize that, you go to and search for 'Ann Arbor Art Fair' and determine their best category is:

But when you come back to SharedRSS you find our matching categories only go to Michigan in that list:

Your article on Ann Arbor fits in the Michigan category just fine, there is no need for a more specific listing for now.

At a later date, we may add further, more specific categories -- but those will only be necessary when we have too many listings for an existing bottom-level category.

In a few rare cases, you may think the available category is misleading, or too general. In those cases you may request a more specific category be added, using our Feedback Form but there is no guarantee we will add the new categories, or that they will appear within a short enough time frame to add your new listing.


And what if your resources seems to fit in more than one category? Can it be listed in multiple categories? Generally, yes -- so long as it really fits equally well in more than one category. It would be unusual for any single resource to fit in more than two or three categories. If you find more than one lower-level category in the same branch of the heirarchy that fits, try moving up to the next higher level.

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