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Information about Shared RSS Syndication Feeds

SharedRSS Blog -- Our new Blog to to discuss RSS and Blog matters, soon the blog software that runs this will be available here too!

Quick Entry Guide -- Learn how SharedRSS makes it easy for you to submit entries, just by providing the URL of the target web page.

Private RSS Feeds -- we now offer website owners a simple way to add RSS to their sites -- a 'private' feed that only the owner can add items to -- though of course anyone can view it!

View List of Available SharedRSS Feeds -- This page allows you to search by category for current SharedRSS feeds, and shows what articles are currently listed in each.

Selecting a Category -- This was written from the perspective of someone wanting to list an item in one of our Shared Feeds -- but it applies equally well to those suggesting an outside feed for our directory, or users looking for the right category to subscribe to.

Frequently Asked Questions -- OK, so we are so new haven't gotten any questions, let alone frequently -- so here are the answers to some questions we thought might be going through some of your minds...

Contact SharedRSS / Policies -- This link will take you to our contact form, and also shows our policies. We welcome any comments or questions. You may also use this form to report dead links or any abuses of system, such as links to inappropriate materials.


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