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Business Blogs Can Be Different

There are shades of commercialization in blogs, ranging from totally non-commercial to purely sales oriented themes. To assert that business blogs are not really blogs is a meaningless quibble, but those who want to start business blogs need to ask themselves if perhaps their commercially oriented weblog might not benefit from being different from personal blogs in terms of features and characteristics, as well as content. MORE...

Origins of Weblogs, Blogs, and Business Blogs

A short history of weblogs or blogs. The surprisingly rapid annual growth in the number of blogs from 1999 to 2005 shows how popular this form of expression has become. There is no generally accepted definition of just exactly what a blog is, but we look at some of the common features and associated jargon. MORE...

Welcome to SharedRSS EZ Business Blog

This is a new, totally free, simplified BLOG software system for businesses who want to use a Blog and RSS to enhance their internet presence. MORE...

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