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Quick Entry Guide

What's This?
Quick entry allows you to add a Shared RSS item by simply entering the URL where your page can be found. The first time you use Quick Entry you will also have to enter the feed-category your entry will be saved in, but on subsequent uses you will not need to enter that unless you want to change it. The Shared RSS Quick Entry program will go to your site and get the title and description for the feed item from your page's header.

What Do I Need?
Well first, you need to Join SharedRSS if you have not already done so. It is free to join.

When creating your web page, you need to be sure to include the title tag in the header. If you use an HTML authoring program it will generally do this automatically for you, since it is a required element in HTML according to specifications. Secondly, you should include the description meta-tag in your header. It is a good practice to do this in any case, since some search engines use the description meta-tag to describe your page. If you use Shared RSS Quick Entry this will also be the RSS feed description, so you may want to make it longer, more detailed and informative than you normally would. Put the most important information first, so that if a search engine uses only part of the description it will include that information. If you leave out the description tag, your RSS entry will only show the title, with no description.

Here is an example of the title and description tags from this page's header:

<meta name="description" content="Guide to using the Quick Entry submissions feature for easy addition of Shared RSS feeds. Includes information on how to make a Quick Entry, using the on-site form or a personalized form you may copy to your own computer. Quick Entry allows users to submit new Shared RSS feed items just by entering the URL of the page.">
<title>Shared RSS Feeds - Quick Entry Guide</title>

Note: Titles and meta tags may contain 'entities' such as &gt; for the > symbol, but no other mark-up. The description content should be enclosed by quotation marks -- if you want a quotation mark to appear inside the description, use the &quot; entity.

How do I submit a Quick Entry?
There are two ways to submit your Quick Entry:

1) You can log on to this site, and select the Quick Entry Submission from your control panel. If you have not yet selected a feed-category, or if you want to use a different feed-category than your default, use the selection box to pick a category. Then enter your URL in the box provided, and click on the submission button. The program will tell you if your submission was successful.

2) Select Get Personalized Quick Entry Form from your control panel. Save the form provided to your own hard-drive. Make sure you are logged-in to the Internet, and enter your URL on the form. Change the feed-category if you do not want to use the default. Press the submit button. The program will tell you if your submission was successful.


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